Hi there,

Let me briefly introduce myself.

As you can see in the name of this blog I’m Suzanne Brummel, a 20 year old Dutch student, fashion- and sports lover. I love to keep myself busy in my spare time with fashion (because of course I LOVE shopping…just like almost every woman my age).

I think clothing is actually a language for everyone, it shows who you are, what you stand for and how you feel that day or that particular moment. And as you have a lot of different languages and accents you also have different styles for clothing for different occasions and days. As long as you can wear it in the way that your appearance matches your inwardly it’s just perfect and you can basically wear anything.

I enjoy writing down what I have experienced, what I bought the last time I went shopping or how I feel, writing also helps me through stressful periods and it does clear my head. Yes, I can keep a personal diary but I thought it’s much cozier to share it with others. So I eventually decided to start this blog and write for anyone who likes it.

I wanted to start my own blog for a while now, but I was always reticent and a bit scared to do so, because I was wondering who is interested to read and follow my blog when there’re already thousands of successful and great bloggers out there..? But my sister in law started one a couple of months ago and she really enjoys, which  encouraged me to try one myself. Her brother gave me the extra courage to start my own blog and forget about my doubts. “You don’t have anything to lose, right?” he said.. So here we go…!

As a rookie in this blogging world I am really excited to share my new outfits, inspirations and other fashion ideas!

On this blog I’ll post:

  • Special days and experiences
  • My Outfits
  • Things that inspire me
  • Much more that you’ll find out yourself by following this blog

I hope my endless enthusiasm to show you a lot of different outfits can provide you some inspiration. I mean how awesome would it be if I can inspire someone else with my posts?!

Lots of love,


Wanna know more about my Fashion story?

When I was a young girl (you may actually read ‘boy’ haha) I didn’t really care about girl stuff like apparel and pink skirts and stuff. I actually didn’t like the girls who were wearing pink and shiny clothes like almost EVERY DAY, not even speaking of the ones who wanted to become a Princess in their future. Cause I preferred climbing trees with my two younger brothers, building forts together and jump into the dirty ditch, preferable on Sundays with our decent clothing so that our parents get really mad. I remember that at one day, my mum wanted to buy a mirror for in my bedroom. And when she told me that, I became very angry at her and screamed something like this ‘How could you want to buy a mirror for me? I don’t need that anyway’. Cause I didn’t really care about how I looked like, in addition I didn’t wear make-up and I promised and swore to my mum that ‘I would never ever do that’… yeah… that was a bit of a stupid statement. I admit…
But when I was around 13 everything changed. I started wearing make-up (okay, mum you were right as usual) and wearing typical girl’s clothes (yet still definitely NOT pink!). Meanwhile, I become a true fashion lover. I’d like to read about the newest trends on fashion-blogs or in magazines. Watching new fashion trends makes me happy.
No matter how busy I am with exams or deadlines at work at that time, when I wander or ride through the city on my bike and see all the new stuff in the storefronts it makes me feel happy, and all right then, a little greedy too hihi. It always makes me want to go shopping and buy every little thing I like. But my wallet doesn’t always allow that (fortunately).
I don’t have one particular style. I prefer to try different styles and materials. Sometimes tough and sometimes girly. Yes… Sometimes even pink ! So for example, I can wear a pair of ripped jeans with a rough leather jacket and sneakers on Saturday, while on Sunday I may wear a fluffy shirt with a cute skirt and pumps.
So that was kinda the fashion story of my life in short. I hope you liked it:)


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  1. Welcome to the blogosphere lovely! I just saw your comment on my blog and was curious to see who was behind the sweet comment 🙂 I hope you’ll enjoy blogging as much as we all do here. I can’t wait to read more from you ❤


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