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Goooodmondaymorning dearies,

Say hello to my new furry friend, IT’S SO FLUFFFFY…! Now you probably understand why fall is one of my favorite seasons, right? Why this fluffy coats causes hapiness? Click below and you’ll soon find out…

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

herfst shoot 51

oude slot

Like I wrote before on this blog, I like to wear basic colors as simple as it is. This new coat is grey so you can combine it easily and wear it above almost every outfit. And oh my…it’s extremely soft and comfortable and so so so fluffy…I’m gonna die!

Especially with the winter around the corner, calling for warm outfits, all you need right now is a coat to survive the last dark and crisp cold days of this fall. Living in the Netherlands means prepare for long cold winter days. To be able to survive during the winter freeze that will soon (and already did) hit the Netherlands you need to buy your winter coat carefully. Fortunately, there are coats like this: thick, soft, fashionable and warm. You’ll look chic and fashionable in it, you can combine it easily and it will keep you warm. What do you need more? This must be the perfect coat to survive the upcoming cold days. When I put this one on I got that happy, warm and fuzzy feeling you probably know about.

This coat causes sustained happiness because you don’t have to doubt over and over again every time you’ll go out between a warm coat and the coat you actually want to wear to make sure you’re looking good.

I think this is a lovely look to end Autumn and start off Winter with a BANG! What do you think?

You can expect a lot of warm and fluffy outfits on the blog the upcoming weeks! So be back soon!

May this new week bring you some unforgettable moments and outstanding chances!

Lots of love, Suzanne

Where can I buy this outfit?

coat: Primark / clutch: Primark / hat: C&A / Skirt: H&M / Top: vero moda. 

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