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Hi there,

A little bit later than planned but here’s today’s post with a new look. This is what I was wearing just two weeks ago, but with this stormy weather it already feels ages ago. I’m sorry for not being as active as planned, the past two days have been very emotional and mainly consisted of hours of crying and sadness.

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Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

The night before my thesis deadline (I told you earlier about) my (ex)boyfriend came along to tell me his feelings completely changed in just a really short time. So he broke up with me…and he didn’t have any answers to my questions. What changed? Why can’t we just discuss this and work things out? Fighting together you know… And why didn’t you try talking to me in the first place? Luckily I submitted my Bachelorthesis yesterday night on time, but I can’t sleep, I can’t focuss and I don’t have any need to eat something. I don’t know how but I survived yesterday on one hour of sleeping and just one apple. At the end of the day I went to my eternal love: the swimming pool. The water carried me. I felt empty and I decided while I was swimming that there was just one thing he stressed and wanted me to do. He said: “I want you to continue writing your blog! I know how much you like it and it’ll maybe help you through this period..” So here it is…a new post.

And although it’s really painful for me now, I think it actually can be a good thing. A break-up isn’t always the end of the story. A split can actually be the thing that revives a flagging relationship. I keep hoping because a break-up is not diagnostic of future failure, right? We can be at least really good friends. I still love him and he and his family show me real love and taught me so much that no one can ever take away from me.  I’m very grateful for that. For now, what will be will be.. time will tell…

About the outfit I chose to write about in this blogpost. We bought this blouse together in Amsterdam and he really loved it when I wore this one. I still hear him saying: “You and that blouse are a perfect match. It fits you perfect and the blue color looks great on you. It makes your eyes shine…” that’s what he told me with that irresistible smile on his face. But I promise to try not to think about that words too much. It’s just a great and lovely blouse. Even without these words and without him being with me that time shopping I would have bought it anyway. Just because it’s a basic and comfortable still chic blouse.

Anyways, I’ve combined this blouse with a black tight skirt and my brown Zara ankle boots. Simple but autumnal, right?  The necklace with the little golden swallow is a symbol of freedom which fits the whole situation. But now that the winter cold has really made its entrance this outfit can be somewhat to chilly. Therefor I will soon post another outfit combining this blouse in a way it doesn’t ‘t make you feel like an polar bear. I will style an outfit with layers and warm items. I think it will be with my favorite scarf, so be back soon!



Where can I buy this outfit?

Blouse: Mango / Bag: H&M / Ankle boots: Zara / Skirt: H&M 

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