A little bit later than planned but I want to wish you all a HAPPY NEWYEAR! May all your wishes come true (:

As promised I’ll show you another look with my oversized Zara sweater (I’ve already showed you on this blog and my Instagram  page before)










This sweater again? yes this sweater AGAIN! Why? Not only because I love to crawl up in this AMAZING and really really really comfortable sweater but also to give you some ideas of how you can combine such an oversized pull-over in different ways.

Jim (good friend I met in high school) and I went to this really cool and playful zone were I often used to play with my two younger brothers . We were three little kids with too much energy and it’s a miracle how our mom survived that time when we we’re around the age of 6. We were always overactif and came home really dirty after playing here. (Imagine mud EVERYWHERE!)

That’s why the outfit for this day is pretty playful. I was feeling 10 again jumping over the wooden posts and swinging on the hammock chair. I thought loose clothes and some flat shoes would go perfectly together for some play time! The jeans is already ripped so there’s no need to be afraid of it rips during play time hahaha (kidding), the jeans is just perfect because it stretches along! To spice it up a little I choose to wear purple (taylor)  (also known as ‘all stars’ in Dutch haha). Which makes the outfit young, fresh and colorful. Ágree??

To finish the whole look, Jim braided my hair so I won’t get knots:)

What do you think about this look and the way I combined the sweater in this different way?  Yay or nay?!

Have a wonderful day, (remember it’s almost weekend yaaaay)!

Lots of love,


Where can I buy this outfit?

Ripped Jeans: Subdued/ Sweater: Zara /  Blouse: Brandy Melville /Shoes: America today

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PH : Jim Scholten



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