Hi there loves,

I’ve been a little off on the blog side the last week after my citytrip to Rome and my last exams of my Bachelor. I just finished my last Exam ‘Ethics’ woehoeee (fingers crossed for the grades). I just enjoyed a delicious ice cream with my friend Timo and now I’m finally writing my second travel post (It’s about Rome yay) and I will tell you something about the outfit I’m wearing. 

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A while back I bought this super cool, black colored Subdued pantskirt which is perfect for this new season! If you ask me, a pantskirt is the ultimate summer item, since they are comfortable, easy to wear ánd combine.. And you can wear flat shoes underneath it without having all those weird faces looking like “Is she wearing sneakers under her skirt o.O’??” AND it still looks girly right?! Even in this color! I’m wearing it with a simple black crop top and a pair of black flat shoes from H&M.

Also perfect for the festival season if you ask me, maybe combining it with a pair of white sneakers and a biker jacket! What do you think?

Now I’ve some tips for you if you ever going to visit Rome (YOU SHOULD! It’s such a beautiful city!!!) If you can plan to stay for a week, go there for a week so you won’t run out of things to do and you’ll still feel like you’re leaving too soon. But if your time is limited, make sure you have at least four days to see all of Rome’s major sights.

Soooo…my tips:

First: take some anti-allergic pills or other medicines against hay fever with you cause there are a lot of trees in Rome from which you can get really annoying allergic reactions. I was sneezing like ALL THE TIME, and my eyes and throat were really sore.

Second, try to plan ahead for popular sites like the Borhese Gallery and the Vatican Museums to avoid long long lines! Oh and be mindful of the dress codes that the churches and the Vatican have.

Third, a so called hop on-hop off tour is really worth it for a general orientation of the city. My advice is to buy tickets for the first part of the day (traffic is much more calmer in the early morning so you won’t get stuck in a traffic jam) and then just do the circle without getting out of the bus (so you know where to find everything). It takes around two hours to see everything. And then decide what you wanna see and go there by feet. Things you should see are in my opinion:

-Vatican city
-The Colosseum
-Palatine Hill
-The Roman Forum
-Villa Borghese (the parc)
-The Spanish steps (piazza di Spagne)
-Piazza Navona (contains 3 amazing fontains)
-And last but not least: the shopping area: (Via del Corso)

Further: Going hungry is impossible in Rome; this beautiful city is really overrun with good places to eat. Most restaurants have outdoor seating and offer similar Italian menus. Oh and I love Italian People cause they eat four courses!! Yeah can you believe….they eat four courses, that’s amazing right? Delicious long nights with good typical Italian limoncello, pasta, pizza, seafood and tiramisuuuuu!! We didn’t have one single bad meal. It didn’t matter where we were. There are just TONS of places to choose from.

And then most importantly, eat your weight in gelato. Ah, gelato (ICE CREEEEAAAAM!!!) ,the most delicious part of our trip. We stumbled upon Gelateria della Palma it’s right near the Pantheon. And I had to pay 5 euros for two gigantic scoops (and when I say gigantic I mean GIGANTIC so 5 euros where really worth it) . There were like 50 flavors to choose from (so it took me an hour to decide which one I would like…damn I couldn’t choose so I decided to come back the next day and the next day and…hahaha to try some different flavors hihi) but my favorites were melon, lemon, nutella, and bounty. Yes, we eat Ice cream every day… The italian Ice Cream is the best I’ve ever tasted.

And if the worst case scenario become reality and you’re unable to see all Rome’s beautiful sights on your trip, just run to the Tervi Fountain toss a coin into it before you leave and legend says that you’ll be guaranteed another visit in the future! And every little thing will be all right, hakuna matata!

I hope you liked this second travel/outfit post:) Let me know  what you think !

I’m off to the gym right now to burn all those gelato calories hahah!

Have a good night!
xoxo Suzanne

Where can I buy this ?

Sunnies : Six Accessoires/  Top: H&M/ Pantskirt:Subdued / Necklace: Brandy Melville / Watch: Cluse Watches / Shoes: H&M/ Bag: Primark

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PH : by my lovely mum (unfortunately all Iphone pictures cause I don’t have a better camera if anyway likes to sponsor me feel free hahaha) 



    1. Dankjewel meis<3! Ja het is echt superhandig om die bus de eerste ochtend te doen dan zie je gelijk alles en weet je hoe je moet lopen en hoe ver alles is etc. 🙂 Rome is zoooo gaaf, echt heen gaan als je de kans hebt!! xxx

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Mooi verslag, krijg zo heimwee.
    En je mag gerust zeggen dat de kwaliteit meer aan de fotograaf lag dan aan de Iphone, haha
    Maar ik deed m’n best nietwaar ?


    1. Dankjewel:) Jaaaaa, wanneer gaan we terug?! Aahahahahaha nee je deed hartstikke goed je best ;p ze zijn oke gelukt toch, kijk maar naar bovenstaand compliment over de foto’s:) no worries!


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