HAPPPY NEW HAAAAIR! Yesss, I did it: I Cut my long hair! It had been a really long time since my last time at the hairdresser… I never dared to cut it off. I’m one of those people who really want to let their hair grow and grow and postpone to get it cut. Until… last saturday… I had a bit of a crazy mood and so I deciced super random to just cut it all off. I knew that I could’t walk around with my long damaged hair anymore and a lot has to be cut off. So I did….


As you can see on the ‘before the haircut picture’ going to the hairdresser was really necessary!! Especially the ends of my hair were really damaged :O

But what do you think about the result?! Love to know! (Yes I added also some “happy after the haircut selfies” besides the look just because I want you to show the haircut made me so happy that it made me feel making selfies hahahah. I’m sorry.

Because I hadn’t been to the hairdresser for such a long time I didn’t even know were to cut it off. So I started searching on the internet and then I saw the website, where you can easily make an appointment for any beauty, hair or health related salon such as the hairdresser (which is also a beaty salon too) I picked. And the best thing is, they don’t charge any fee for this! I searched by category (Hair) and zipcode so I could see what kinda hairdressers were available in my neighborhood. And I made an appointment at “Vip Hair en Beauty” (click here for their website). Thier service is really great, I can definitely recommend them to you!! The staff was very friendly and professional and they were sincerely listening to my wishes about the haircut. And because they were really excited about my blog and social media YOU ALL GET A 10% DISCOUNT for any treatment or haircut in their salon!!! How cool is that!! You just have to mention my blog:)! Hope you like it! Love to know your opinion about my new hair !!

About the first look I styled with my new hair: I teamed up my all time favorite skinny jeans with a neat, yet not too chix blouse. It’s a basic item I wear for some formal events or when I just wanted to put something on and still look decent. The cute bag I’m carrying is from Yaya:) it’s really pretty right? I’m also wearing my new Maruti bracelets which I showed you earlier on my Instagram and a new cute little necklace from Costes. Do you like it all together?:) I’m off to the gym now! Have a great evening you all!
Lots of loveee,

Where can I buy this ?

Haircut : VIP Hair & Beauty (see tab collaborations for their website) /  blouse: H&M/ jeans:Subdued / Necklace: Brandy Melville (selfies) and Costes (outside photos) / Watch: Cluse Watches / Shoes: Invito / Bag: Yaya / Bracelets: Maruti Footwear

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PH : Sanne van Middelkoop (unfortunately all Iphone pictures cause I don’t have a better camera if anyone likes to sponsor me feel free hahaha) 



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