Hi there lovelies!

There’s just one legitimate synonym for the weekend: BOOM shakalakaaa! hahaha yay it’s weekendtime woehoe!  An update from Epe today cause I’m staying with my parents for the weekend. And what are you up to? Any exciting plans? As I told you in my previous blogpost there were some new looks I really wanted to show you and today I want to kick the serie of with starting with one of my favorites looks for spring/summer! So click ahead and see/read more! 

I’m so happy with this outfit. I’m so excited to show you this look cause I think it’s really one of my favorite looks ever showed on my blog so far… The colors are pretty basic and also very me. Casual black, grey and white but with the perfect combination of total different items. Against all odds, I’m wearing sneakers underneath a decent and chic pantalon combined with a sporty crop top…And by adding my all time favorite casual black hat this Mix ‘n match look is finished. As you can see I’ve mixed and matched different syles together in the same color scheme. The top is really sporty and sturdy with a little sexy touch. The pantalon I’m wearing is really chic, you can wear it with a blouse and a blazer to an interview for example and create a total different some more decent look. The hat makes it more girly and also suitable for this festival season. Oooooh and the sneakers..waaauuw I can wear them all day!!

I’m off for a saturday morning run now! But I’d love to know what you think about this Mix ‘n match look!
Enjoy the weekend!



Where can I buy this ?

Shirt: H&M/ Pantalon:Mango / Hat: H&M / Watch: Cluse Watches / Shoes: Adidas Originals / Coffeemug: Yaya the brand

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PH : by the most lovely Dagmar Zaal  



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