Heya, happy tuesday!

Todays look is all about this beautiful black crop top from Trix la Mix… What do you think? I especially love the floral pattern because lately I’m really into flowers and everything with flowers on it. Flowers have a symbolic/personal meaning for me and that’s why this top makes me happy and smiling inside. Yesterday I bought a beautiful floral pants too…I’m gonna show you this flowery pants really soon! But first, more about today’s look! 

The gold colored zipper on the back makes it some more rough I guess.. I really like that detail! What about you? The flower pattern makes it girly and cute but the zipper really add something cool and sturdy if you ask me! Now I’ve combined it with my new black jeans short and high heels, and to give this look that classy summer evening touch I’m wearing it with this chic hat from Zara. But worn without the classy hat and the high heels but worn with sneakers and a ponytail for example it can also be perfect for a summer day at the beach:)

I got this wonderful top from a quite new but really cool webshop named Trix la Mix (click here for their webshop). As you can see on their webshop they don’t sell standard casual clothes but their items are really outstanding and groovy. Because of a shortage of really cute and outstanding female clothing aimed at the young and independant woman Trix la Mix was created. And because of their trendy and distinct collection they became the shopping address of many young female fashion addicts! And the best thing is that they can give you a 10% discount if you subscribe to the newsletter!! Trix la mix is also the perfect go-to online store for party and festival girls. You can shop really cute playsuits, rompers, jumpsuits and they also have a wide variety of fashion dresses for the upcoming season to make a fashion statement!

Ohhh and what about this beautiful location?! This originally medieval castle named ‘the cannenburch’ is located 6km away from my parents house in a beautiful old park forest with meadows and ponds, a again FLOWERS! A lot of wonderful and colorful flowers. You can visit the castle and the amazing surroundings by bike or by feet. Merel (a good friend) and I went there to walk through the park and have a picknick in one of the beautiful Castle gardens. We really enjoyed our day!

I’m off for a really exciting day of (thrift)shopping with Merel, what are you up to?
Kiss, Suzanne

Where can I buy this ?

Top: Trix la Mix ‘see tab collaborations for their website and social media’/  Jeans short: H&M/ High heels: Primark / Hat: Zara/ Watch: Cluse Watches / 

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PH : by babe Merel Koot  



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