Goodmorning loves!

If you’re a Dutchie like me, you might have noticed the strange weather circumstances lately. Pfff, all right we had a couple of summerdays I admit… but most of the times it’s non-stop raining, too cold and the sky is too grey for the time of the year. It’s difficult to decide what to wear during those days and as you see in my outfitpost of today…I was hoping for a bit better weather hahaha. Anyway, say hello to my new Jacquard skirt from Zara!

I got a lot of positive comments on this look already since I was wearing it to Amsterdam Open Air festival and a ladies night the Thursday before AOA. But now it’s finally up on the blog:) What do you think ? You either hate it or love it right? I’ve combined it with a white chique crop top and my adidas sneaker but you can give this a really classy/evening look by wearing it with some killer heels!

Also, I’m really loving the location of this photos. I was on my way to a fashion event with a good friend while we spotted this cute street with these beautiful rosebushes and we decided to take some pictures! What about you? Do you love those roses as much as I do?!
Have a lovely hump day!


Where can I buy this ?

Top: Zara / Skirt: Zara / Watch: Cluse Watches /  Shoes: Adidas orginals / Necklace: Brandy Melville

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PH : By babe Dagmar Zaal



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