I don’t know how depressing the weather in the Netherlands is right now… (?!) but here in Thailand it’s really hot and sunny so I thought it would be a good idea to give you a happy flower bomb on your phone / computer screen hahah. Sorry if it’s raining…

Flower pants timeeee! Ohh, how I love flowers. I’m really girly when it comes to romantic stuff such as self-written letters, mad kissing in the rain, candlelight dinners and ofcourse wonderful flowers. Anyway, back to todays look with this floral pants. A while ago I had my first time (thrift) shopping with a good friend. We went through several second-hand stores to spot some fashion (and other items). It was really fun! And guess what? That’s where I found this flowery pants! How do you like it? It’s not something you are used to from me. It’s more colorful and more crowded I think. But hey it’s fun to try new things on and see how it looks. What about you? Would you ever try something completing out of your comfort zone? And what about shopping at second hand stores? I’d love to hear your opinion!

Allright, I’m going out for lunch right now (yes it’s 5 hours later here haha). I hope you are all enjoying your Summer to the fullest, wherever that may be!


Where can I buy this ?

Top: Zara/  Jacket: Zara / Shoes: Tommy Hilfiger/ Watch: Cluse Watches / Pants: Second Hand store Apeldoorn

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PH : Piet Kampers 



  1. Love the second hand shopping and I also am more bold since shopping second hand. Better for the environment too 🙂 Hope you will check my blog as well, I have a category of second hand you can check out. I am happy I found your blog!

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