Happy Saturday…Happy work-out!  Today I’ll talk about Clapping Push-ups. Many people still call it a ‘man push-up’. NO! It’s not a MAN push-up, it’s just a variation of the standard push-up because woman all over the world are getting stronger and can do this too! Are you ready for some new excercises including these clapping push-ups?!

If you’re at the level where you can do 30 or more push-ups I think you’ll be able to do the clapping push-ups too! If you’re still struggling to do these kind of push-ups. Try to build the strength required to do clapping push-ups. You can do this by starting in the same position as for the standard push-ups but this time you lower yourself more slowly and pause for 1 or 2 seconds at the bottom position before pushing yourself back up. You can also make your hands leave the ground for a few seconds by pushing yourself back up. You don’t have to clap yet, just try too get yourself as far off of the ground as you can. Work your way up to 5 sets of 5 repetitions and you’ll be quick able to do the clapping push-ups as well:)!

Happy trying!

The work-out for the next two weeks including the clapping push-ups:

First: You must be warmed up before starting! I recommend 10 minutes of fast walking if you’re a beginner(6-7 km/h) or what I do myself 10 minutes of running (14 km/h)

The following training is to train your arms (and a little abs)! It consists of 3 sets of 10 minutes. In between two sets you’re allowed to take 2 minutes of rest. So including warming up it takes only about 45 minutes.

Set your timer and repeat the following exercises for 10 minutes:

1. 10 push-ups
2. 5 clapping push-ups
3. 15 lay-down push-ups 
4. 20 commando’s (10 each side)

2 minutes rest

1. 1 minute planking
2. 10 push-ups
3. 30 commando’s (15 each side)
4. 5 clapping push-ups

2 minutes rest

1.  5 clapping push-ups
2. 10 push-ups
3. 15 lay-down pus-ups
4. 1 min planking
5. 5 clapping push-ups

Enjoy your Work-Out!


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        1. Ah oke! Nou lekker doorgaan inderdaad met de standaard push-ups en dan langzaam wat langer vasthouden onderin:)! En uiteindelijk komt dit vanzelf! Let me know wanneer het je is gelukt:)!! Fijne zondagavond!

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