Hope you’ve had a wonderful week ?! Any plans for the weekend?:) I just got back from a 110 km bikeride (I feel so fulfilled right now 🙂 ) And I’m currently enjoying my weekend at my parents place. I love to be with my family in the weekends and have some quality time together. About today’s outfit… Well…I’m not really sure if I can actually call this an outfit…I’m not wearing that much you know… But that’s because these photo’s were taken while I was enjoying my holidays on this little Island Ko Phangan in Thailand. Anyway, I think this bikini is enough on its own for a new outfit post!


Since the sun was out at Ko Phangan I finally got the chance to wear my TRIANGL bikini (YAY!). It’s definitely my favorite one! I’m in love with all the colors (which one is your favorite?) and the special material which makes this bikini fits really comfortable. I would say: Go and get yours too! (click here for the website)
I’m pretty proud of myself that I had the courage to share this kinda pictures in this way with you. I must admit I had my insecurities and doubts about it (you know I work out every day at home but I decided to give my body a little rest during my Holidays in Thailand… so when I start losing my abs I started feeling insecure about my belly). BUT still I’m happy I had the courage to show these pretty Island smiles with you guys.

Enjoy the weekend loves!
xoxo Suzanne

Where can I buy this ?


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    1. Awh lief!! Dankjewel <3!! Ik doe mijn best gedurende het jaar, maar op mijn vakantie houd ik ff nergens rekening mee hihi😁

      Thanksthanks! Ik ben er ook heel blij mee! Hij zit ook superfijn echt een aanrader!!👙

      Heel fijn weekend meid! xxx

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