Morning sunshines!

Damn it’s wednesday already…time is literally flying these holidays. We’re already halfway through our week and so much has happened the first two days, exciting new collaborations coming up (stay tuned!), I did some interior shopping for my new room (whoopwhoop), making plans for the decor (this took me a few hours o.O’). But I can tell you guys, I’m full of inspiration and positive energy :)! What about you? And what about this elephant Pant-Skirt I bought in the streets of Bangkok?! Tell me your thoughts on this elegant ensemble! I would love to hear!


I teamed the pantskirt up with a white crop top from Zara. Paired with a cool old leather bag, I’m ready to go. And that’s exactly why I love this outfit, it’s simple yet has some cool details like the elephants on the pantskirt. If you ever going to visit Thailand you’ll see these kinda pant-skirts like everywhere in the busy streets of Bangkok:)

Okay I’m off to Amsterdam now to shoot some new looks! So be back soon!
xxxx, Suzanne

Where can I buy this ?

Pantskirt: Koh San Road (Bangkok) / Crop top: Zara / Watch: Cluse Watches (see tab collaborations for their website and social media) / Shoes: Tommy Hilfiger / bag: second hand/vintage store sorrrry / bracelets: Koh San Road (Bangkok) / Necklace: Brandy Melville

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