WHAT day?! IT”S LEGDAAAAYY!! So Dear fat, prepare to die!!

But first… I feel like I need to say sorry. I’m wearing the same sportswear over and over again… I’m sorry guys. Shame on me as a big fashionlover. Ofcourse my sportposts are not to show you fashionable sportswear but still…and okay okay the thing with sportswear is… it needs to be comfortable BUT hey you can look fashionable too. Yesterday I was just surfin’ around on the internet and found this great website ‘OTTO‘ where they have a huge range of women’s sportswear. They sell brands such as Adidas, Nike and Puma. OMG I was immediately in love with their whole sports collection. Oops…I fell in love with clothes again… But seriously you should check their sportswear out here!

Okay back to today’s legday…including some oldschool skipping woeehooeee (I feel like 11 again hihi)

The work-out for the next two weeks including (uhu uhu!) some oldschool skipping :

First: You must be warmed up before starting! I recommend 10 minutes of fast walking if you’re a beginner(6-7 km/h) or what I do myself 10 minutes of running (14 km/h)

The following training is to train your legs (and ofcourse it’s cardio too)! It consists of 3 sets of 10 minutes. In between two sets you’re allowed to take 2 minutes of rest. So including warming up it takes only about 45 minutes.

Set your timer and repeat the following exercises for 10 minutes:

1. 1 minute skipping
2. 15 jump squats
3. 15 normal squats
4. 20 walking lunges (10 per leg-use weights if you can handle that!)

2 minutes rest

1. 1 minute skipping
2. 16 walking lunges ( 8 per leg-use weights if you can handle that!)
3. 10 Jump lunges (5 per leg)
4. 30 seconds skipping

2 minutes rest

1.  2 minutes skipping
2. 15 squats 
3. 15 jump squats
4. 6 jump lunges (3 per leg)
5. 30 seconds skipping

Note: this work-out is quite heavy…if you can’t handle it for 10 minutes…just take some extra rest after the skipping!
Enjoy your Work-Out and Enjoy your muscle pain haha !


Where can I buy this ?

Sportswear: top: Forever 21 / Pants: H&M /shoes: Primark

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PH : Piet Kampers



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