Hey there sporties!

I had the honor to shoot some sporty pictures in the brand new sportswear collection of Amy&Ivy (from The Sting Network)! I’m really excited to show you guys the resulted pics ! Today I’ll show you just one item but no worries and stay tuned because there will be more pictures here and on my Instagram and ofcourse there will be more sporty posts soon!

Go hard or go home! That’s the slogan Amy&Ivy sportswear represents. And hey that’s pretty much my slogan too:)! And about going hard… let’s be honest. Wearing some pretty sportswear helps every woman to kick ass and to go somehwat harder on their workouts right?! We definitely feel better when we look fashionable in our sportswear.

Last Sunday I applied HIIT to running while I was working out in the dunes (oh my …the weather was lovely and the landscape makes it even better to workout with a smile:)!!) HIIT training consists of a variety between high intensity intervals to low and moderate intensity intervals. Why should you do this? You’ll burn more fat than running a longer distance at the same intensity.

So hey, what are you waiting for?! Set your timer and LET’S GO!

First: You must be warmed up before starting! I recommend 5-10 minutes of walking or running on a moderate intensity if you’re a beginner start with the walking (5-6 km/h) or what I do myself 10 minutes of running on a moderate level (11 km/h)

WORKOUT: Okay now we start with a high intensity interval of 30 seconds running on your highest level (100% effort) directly followed by 30 seconds running on your moderate/low level (50% – 70% effort).
Note: Ofcourse you can change the intervals, for example when you’re a beginner you can shorter the sprinting and longer the jogging. And when you’re an advanced runner you can do this the other way around.

You can do as many intervals as you want. But if you’re just a beginner try to begin at 10 intervals ( 10 times the sprinting + 10 times the jogging/walking on a lower intensity)

And then you’re ready! Time for a cooling down then, it’s good to run or walk/jog at least 5-10 minutes on a moderate level to cool down. (50% -60% effort).

Okay, it’s your turn!! I’d love to know how it went when you tried this workout and comment here or contact me elsewhere if you have any questions or if you need help with some struggles.


Where can I buy this ?

Sportswear: The Sting Network (Amy&Ivy) ! click here for their webshop!

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PH : Piet Kampers



  1. Zo leuk om je gisteren te ontmoeten! Echt tof vond ik het om over je topsportleven te horen, geeft wat erkenning en herkenning bij mezelf 🙂 Goede buikspieren meid, damn! We moeten eens samen een hardloopartikel maken 😉
    Mooie foto’s in de heide.
    x Wilmke


    1. Ja vond ik ook babe<3 Ik vond het ook supertof om jou verhaal te horen en van je vriend:)! Herkenning en erkenning inderdaad! Hihi thanks, I'm working on it (aa)! Jaa dat zou leuk zijn, een keertje meeten en samen shooten! I'm IN!! Even een datum plannen:)! xoxo


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