The weater is getting worse! Woooh! Time to go to the beach!
Ehh…?! What?! You said…the weather is getting worse, right?… Beach??? WTF!
Yes guys! Running into the strong wind (maybe even rain) AND on sand is like the best fat attack you can get!


A beach workout is one of my favorite options for a fit body. Why? Well, you’ll burn a lot more calories than running on a treadmill in a musty gym. You’ll even burn much more calories than running on an ordinary paved road. With each step on the sand this running workout creates optimum strengthening of your muscles in your legs. Another plus: there’s less chance of injury than running on harder surfaces. (WINWINWIN!)

And besides this you’ll breath delightful fresh sea air and I haven’t even mention the best possible workout view you can get! I don’t know whats more motivating than this amazing workout view ?! Okay okay I have to admit there are some really good looking handsome guys in the gym… but fresh air and a beautiful sunrise or the ultimate silence on a windy day at the deserted beach is way better I promise! (even more WIN for this work-out location!)

Ok I gotta be honest it’s gonna be hard as well. A running beach workout could be really sweaty and hard. But hey, good things come to those wo sweat! I see my sweat as fat that is crying! So it’s not easy but really worth it!


  1. Wear good shoes to prevent injuries! Important one!
  2. Don’t forget to warm up and cool down!
  3. Take some water with you!
  4. If the winds blows really hard take a (sun)glasses with you to protect your eyes from being sanded!
  5. Wear some pretty sportswear (sounds like a weird one but it will help you to kick ass and go somewhat harder, kind of a women thing I guess… we do feel better while looking fashionable even when we’re working out) The sportswear I’m wearing is from the new collection of The Sting Network from the brand: Amy&Ivy! (website)
  6. Take your smile with you: working out is fun!

For some more running workout inspiration you can also read my blogpost about applying HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) to your running (blogpost).

Sooo, If you want an insane fat attack, launch yourself out of your lazy couch, go to the beach and run baby! Time to tone it up!

I’d love to know how it went when you come back or if you need help with struggles,  please let me know!:)


Where can I buy this ?

Sportswear: The Sting Network (Amy&Ivy) ! click here for their webshop!

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PH : Piet Kampers


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