Hope you’ve had a wonderful week ?! Any plans for the weekend?:) I just got back from a 110 km bikeride (I feel so fulfilled right now 🙂 ) And I’m currently enjoying my weekend at my parents place. I love to be with my family in the weekends and have some quality time together. About today’s outfit… Well…I’m not really sure if I can actually call this an outfit…I’m not wearing that much you know… But that’s because these photo’s were taken while I was enjoying my holidays on this little Island Ko Phangan in Thailand. Anyway, I think this bikini is enough on its own for a new outfit post!




Hi guyyyss,

I just got back from my holidays in Thailand and I haven’t shot so many looks there (sorrrry sorrry) because I only had my Iphone with me. I still don’t have a good camera myself, unfortunately it’s so expensive:(  But I promise there will be a Thailand post -including some traveling tips- on the blog soon! If you already have some questions or special requests, please feel free to comment below or on my Instagram!



Happy Saturday…Happy work-out!  Today I’ll talk about Clapping Push-ups. Many people still call it a ‘man push-up’. NO! It’s not a MAN push-up, it’s just a variation of the standard push-up because woman all over the world are getting stronger and can do this too! Are you ready for some new excercises including these clapping push-ups?!



For all you basic lovers (I’m one myself too ssssj hihi), forget the easy, basic boring clothing for a day and get mad about this busy flowerprinted jumpsuit.  (more…)


Hi there,

The region of Tongeren (nearby Epe where I grew up and my parents and almost all my family still live) is by far one of my favorite regions in the Netherlands. Serious? Are you kidding me? Yes and Nope… The nature is so beautiful here…there’s so much silence and tranquility… (more…)


I don’t know how depressing the weather in the Netherlands is right now… (?!) but here in Thailand it’s really hot and sunny so I thought it would be a good idea to give you a happy flower bomb on your phone / computer screen hahah. Sorry if it’s raining…




It’s Saturday again…that means I’ll give you some new inspiration for a 30 minute work-out you can do at home. Do these exercises three times a week for 2 weeks and then my new post with new excercises will be published and you’ll get new exercises for the next two weeks. Ok, here we go!!  (more…)


Yup, I’m wearing orange! Formerly I couldn’t imagine myself wearing this color. Because orange is the national Dutch color everybody is wearing stupid orange items during Kingsday, Liberation day and when the Dutch football team is playing. So for me the color was like a stupid ugly color that you’d only wear during those typical Dutch holidays. Until I met this dark orange jumpsuit… (more…)


Hiii there, how are you enjoying your weekend?? I’m going to ‘Buiten Westen’ festival today! Whom of you will I see there too:)?! I’m really looking forward to this day since I enjoyed ‘Amsterdam Open Air’, and ‘de Zon’ earlier this festival season! So I thought it would be the perfect time to show you a festival-proof look today. (more…)



How is your week so far? Mine is GREAT, pfoeee where shall I begin? I won two tickets for the Mercedez Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam. Woehoeeee!! Thanks So yesterday it was officially the day I had my first Fashion Week show ever (kind of a girl dream hihi)!  SEE MORE PICTURES AND READ SOME MORE