Good morning peeps! Today I can finally tell you guys about my last sunday (GREAT sunday it was!)  I was invited for the Pauls Boutique Exclusive Blogger event! The invite was really mysterious…the whole programm was a suprise (excited excited) there was only this dresscode: Grey with a touch of yellow. For the first time in human history I was combining these two colors haha and hey it actualy looked pretty cool right (photo further in the article)?!  Mostly I combine my yellow stuff with black but I’ll keep in mind the grew-yellow combination works as well:) (more…)



Hey there sporties!

I had the honor to shoot some sporty pictures in the brand new sportswear collection of Amy&Ivy (from The Sting Network)! I’m really excited to show you guys the resulted pics ! Today I’ll show you just one item but no worries and stay tuned because there will be more pictures here and on my Instagram and ofcourse there will be more sporty posts soon!

Go hard or go home! That’s the slogan Amy&Ivy sportswear represents. And hey that’s pretty much my slogan too:)! And about going hard… let’s be honest. Wearing some pretty sportswear helps every woman to kick ass and to go somehwat harder on their workouts right?! We definitely feel better when we look fashionable in our sportswear.



Aaaand my love for stripes continues… hihi. I was wearing this playsuit from Trixlamix last weekend. Can you believe that? Like seriously?! What the …. happened to the weather since sunday ?! Ok, I’m living in the Netherlands… Get it!



Yup, I’m wearing orange! Formerly I couldn’t imagine myself wearing this color. Because orange is the national Dutch color everybody is wearing stupid orange items during Kingsday, Liberation day and when the Dutch football team is playing. So for me the color was like a stupid ugly color that you’d only wear during those typical Dutch holidays. Until I met this dark orange jumpsuit… (more…)


Hiii there, how are you enjoying your weekend?? I’m going to ‘Buiten Westen’ festival today! Whom of you will I see there too:)?! I’m really looking forward to this day since I enjoyed ‘Amsterdam Open Air’, and ‘de Zon’ earlier this festival season! So I thought it would be the perfect time to show you a festival-proof look today. (more…)



How is your week so far? Mine is GREAT, pfoeee where shall I begin? I won two tickets for the Mercedez Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam. Woehoeeee!! Thanks So yesterday it was officially the day I had my first Fashion Week show ever (kind of a girl dream hihi)!  SEE MORE PICTURES AND READ SOME MORE


Morning !

How are you guys? Any plans for today? I’m still living in another dimension since I yesterday got my final marks back ! GUESS WHAT?! I DID IT! I graduated cumlaude from my Bachelor and I got my Honours certificate too! Oh my… Can’t tell you guys how happy I am right now. Still can’t believe it…Next year it’s time for me to get my Master degree in Amsterdam. Yaaaaay I’ll be moving to freakin Amsterdam! Whoopwhoop!  How pretty damn cool is that!

Now that this post is already becoming quite personal (hope you don’t mind) I like to share another personal thing that is up on Wendy van de Soest her blog! Two days ago I was asked to answer some questions about myself and the blog for the category ‘Blogger Spotlights’. I feel honored I’m in this Blogger Spotlight! So thankyou Wendy for having me! You can read the interview (here) and I hope you enjoy the article and her blog as much as I do.

Have a happy wednesday (and remember we’re halfway there -almost weeeeekend!!-)


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Goodmorning loves!

If you’re a Dutchie like me, you might have noticed the strange weather circumstances lately. Pfff, all right we had a couple of summerdays I admit… but most of the times it’s non-stop raining, too cold and the sky is too grey for the time of the year. It’s difficult to decide what to wear during those days and as you see in my outfitpost of today…I was hoping for a bit better weather hahaha. Anyway, say hello to my new Jacquard skirt from Zara!



Hi there lovelies!

There’s just one legitimate synonym for the weekend: BOOM shakalakaaa! hahaha yay it’s weekendtime woehoe!  An update from Epe today cause I’m staying with my parents for the weekend. And what are you up to? Any exciting plans? As I told you in my previous blogpost there were some new looks I really wanted to show you and today I want to kick the serie of with starting with one of my favorites looks for spring/summer! So click ahead and see/read more!  (more…)


Hey Loves!

I had such an amazing morning yesterday at the Everydaycounts store. 19 other bloggers and I got invited to the Bloggersbreakfast hosted by the lovely blogger Annarike in the Everydaycounts store to cutomize our own denim short!! How cool is that?! It was so fun!  CURIOUS ABOUT THE RESULT ? SEE MORE!