The weater is getting worse! Woooh! Time to go to the beach!
Ehh…?! What?! You said…the weather is getting worse, right?… Beach??? WTF!
Yes guys! Running into the strong wind (maybe even rain) AND on sand is like the best fat attack you can get!




While the weather is getting worse and worse in The Netherlands, I’m thinking about wearing this look I shot a while ago on a sunny Sunday at Zandvoort Beach. Which is a pretty simple combination. Just one of my favorite tees from Everydaycounts (talking about them, there will be soon another look online that I styled with a new item from this amazing brand so STAY TUNED !) and a simple jeans short. But that’s sometimes all you need for a day at the beach. Some stripes (always a good idea, whatever time it is), a comfortable jeans short and a good pair of sunnies that finish this summerish look. What do you think?




The summer is finally on it’s way so I thought, hey it’s time for another BEACH post! I wished the weather on the day I shot these pictures was more similar to today haha, a while ago when I was shooting these pics I was still freezing my ass off hihi. But hey, I still want to show you this look today with a sunny weekend ahead of us!  (more…)


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Helloooo dears,

First of all a happy Monday to all of you! Happy MONDAY -_- (are you serious?!) Yesssss cause I’m about to start a very exciting week 🙂 ! Monday is always a fresh start, and this week it’s time for some new adventures AND another city trip YaaaaaaaY! This Time it’s a 5 day trip to Rome! (Keep an eye on Instagram for some pictures during my trip)!

Today I want to show you my new sunglasses which I received from Polette Eyewearr..this one is already packed for my flight tomorrow cause first, I’m in love with this sunnie (hihi) and I just cannot leave him here…second, summer is around the corner -it’s 28 degrees in Rome, so it already feels like summer there- and you cannot be ready without a good pair of sunglasses! They will protect your eyes from dangerous solar radiation and they can make you look super stylish too! Hey, that’s a win-win situation, right?!



Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Hey Loves, A while back I received these super pretty dark blue Zamoda ancle dress which is perfect for the upcoming season: SUMMMMMERRR! Yeah baby. Oh I am so in LOVE with summer <3! I can’t wait for those long summer nights and even longer days at the beach. Today’s outfit is in my opinion the perfect beach and Spring/Summer proof look! (more…)


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Hi there,

I’m just back from a 55km bike ride through the Polder (for the Dutchies haha) And now it’s FINALLY time to show you guys a new look, meaning a new category (in which you can see another look/side of me) ánd blog layout… What do you think about the new lay-out? I tried to make it more summerish with the lighter colors, a different font and some new frames but I also wanted my blog to be at its best for you to use and scroll through it, so I didn’t change the whole page structure. If you have any comments (things that could be better or things you’re just happy with) on the new layout and category let me know!!

And what about the sportswear I’m wearing?! (more pictures if you continue reading)! Really cool right? I got this from Amy&Ivy, a really nice and colorful brand from the Sting Network! They have such a fashionable sportscollection! You should check it out! And I can tell you: it’s really comfortable as well (which is actually more important during your work out than looking good haha!!) See the tab ‘collaborations’ for their social media and website where you can also buy a lot more fashionable clothes and items from Amy&Ivy.

As promised I added a new category: Sports. You can find the blog categories on the right top of the page. Just click on one category and you’ll find all the posts in that category. I added this category because I’m frequently asked about diet and excercise advice. About my lifestyle and the way I train my body. A lot of girls especially are asking for some advice how to get a flat-stomach, nice abs, muscled legs/butt and they’re complaining about their own bodies. So I decided to create this new category and I’d love to tell you about my training and nutrition methods. I’d like to share some eating ideas and training tips and I hope to inspire some of you to move towards a healthier and happier lifestyle. But I really want to emphasize that there’s not a perfect body that we should all work for or something like that. It’s all about being happy and confident in youw own body. Everybody’s created different and there are three basic human body types. And before you start your training and nutrition regimen, it’s needed to figure out your body type!