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Hi there,

Happy Wednesday! Hope all Dutchies had a great liberation day, I had! We’re already halfway through our week and it’s already two weeks ago that I visited that amazing city: Istanbul! I will reminiscing my Istanbul trip one more time: here on the blog! By showing you some pictures of this beautiful city and I’m showing you my business look in which I visited (among other things) the Dutch Consulate, the Dutch Institute, Unilever, and the Rabobank up there.




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Hello! Happy Tuesday! How was your weekend? Mine was great, really relaxed! I watched ‘American Sniper’ in the cinema, such a great movie (highly recommended if you ask me!! ) and and and as I told you in my previous post I went shopping in Amsterdam and I came home with some really cool new items! Can’t wait to show you them!! Today I’m back with another basics post. (more…)



Good morning loves!

…Once upon a time, there was a little girl named snowwhite… No kidding, it was me…walking in Winter Wonderland…but I felt like snowwhite with this beautiful snow covered woods around me haha. Wow snow is the ultimate beauty product from mother nature. For me, snow is one of the most beautiful products because it reminds us of our place in the natural world. We sometimes forget about the force of mother nature beacuse of all the modern technology and our pressure fitted and tight scheduled lifes. And a lot of people are stuck in their modern busy lifes so they only see snow as something terribly inconvenient that causes a shitload of disruptions like transport chaos. Those people whinge about de-icing their cars, traffic jams or train delays. BUT I see it somewhat different!  Curious about my snowthoughts?? CLICK HERE


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Hi there,

Today I’m showing you this skater girl look and I’ll present you the bag I won by the Invito ‘shoeselfiesundaycontest’. I’m really happy with it:) Thanks Invito!  A little while ago I went to this skating rink in Epe to shoot this sturdy look! Curious?



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Hi there dear readers!

Are you all ready for Christmas eve? I certainly am due to last Saturday when I went to Amsterdam for some Christmas Shopping. I’d love to show you what I was wearing during that shopping day.



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Hi there,

It’s black and white time…As I told you in my previous blogpost, I’m kinda lovesick, life can be described as black now. But life never promised to be always white and wonderful. And as much as you want to plan your life, it always finds a way of surprising you with totally unexpected situations and things that will sometimes make you happier than you originally planned. And at some point you have to realize that you have to move on. You have to understand that some people are meant to stay forever in your heart but unfortunately not in your life. There’s no elevator to happiness, you have to take the stairs yourself!

Therefore, I would love to tell you about this black and white schoolgirl looking outfit.



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Hi there loves!

Are you all having a weekend as great as I have? We had such perfect weather this weekend! I’m still shocked when I look at the calendar and see there’s ‘December’on it…because it still feels like we’re in the beginning of October. As you can see I’m wearing my new sweater I showed on Instagram  before… want to know more?


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I hope you all had a great Santa-Claus evening last night. I had, I enjoyed this night with friends and we played a crazy Santa game with a lot of candy and funny presents. Today I will show you another fall outfit. As you might have spotted on my Instagram  the past couple of weeks, I bought some new sweaters. If you continue reading, I’ll show you one of them and tell you the way I combined it to make it the perfect after work-out fall look.



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Hello there,

Happy Friday! Almost weekend yay! Unless you have some deadlines for school…like me. Oh mighty, I’m  strained o.O’. I have to hand in my Bachelor thesis next week! I hope it will be fine and good enough for a high mark. Anyway, IT’S FALL!! Leaves are colored and falling from the trees. Don’t you think autumn is a wonderful season to behold? I often go out for a running work-out through the forest or a quiet walk through the park when it’s fall (unless it’s too cold ofcourse. Oh my …, it was cold last week! I was freezing my ass off !!) But I still think autumn definitely is one of the most beautiful periods in the year. And that made me think it would be a great chance to escape the busy city to go shooting a perfect Fall look. Curious about my look?