Hi there lovelies!

There’s just one legitimate synonym for the weekend: BOOM shakalakaaa! hahaha yay it’s weekendtime woehoe!  An update from Epe today cause I’m staying with my parents for the weekend. And what are you up to? Any exciting plans? As I told you in my previous blogpost there were some new looks I really wanted to show you and today I want to kick the serie of with starting with one of my favorites looks for spring/summer! So click ahead and see/read more!  (more…)


Hey there sweeties,

How’s your week so far? Mine is great! I was meeting up with a really good friend in Amsterdam last Monday and oh my I love that city…And guess what? The plan is to become a real Amsterdam citizen next schoolyear!!
So the timing of this post couldn’t be any better, since I’m wearing this super cool and playful tee from Rue Du Sucre, a Dutch brand which is part of a really cute and pretty store in Amsterdam named ‘gesponnen suiker’ (website click here). Definitely worth a visit girls!!



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Hi there,

Happy Wednesday! Hope all Dutchies had a great liberation day, I had! We’re already halfway through our week and it’s already two weeks ago that I visited that amazing city: Istanbul! I will reminiscing my Istanbul trip one more time: here on the blog! By showing you some pictures of this beautiful city and I’m showing you my business look in which I visited (among other things) the Dutch Consulate, the Dutch Institute, Unilever, and the Rabobank up there.



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Hello! Happy Tuesday! How was your weekend? Mine was great, really relaxed! I watched ‘American Sniper’ in the cinema, such a great movie (highly recommended if you ask me!! ) and and and as I told you in my previous post I went shopping in Amsterdam and I came home with some really cool new items! Can’t wait to show you them!! Today I’m back with another basics post. (more…)


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Happy Friday everyone!

In the context of Fifty Shades of grey (the movie everyone is talking about atm), a total grey look for today! Matching my light grey low chucks with my dark grey skinny ripped jeans, my new striped shirt from Subdued and a chic blazer and my  Cluse watch,  45 more shades to go hahaha!  (more…)


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Morning girls!

Let’s talk about these perfect ‘every day’ boots. These classic chelsea boots are simple but they give your outfit that little something to make it chic and significant.  how to wear your chelsea boots?


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How the hell to compair these colors?! Most of the people still think they can’t wear certain colors together: WRONG! You can basically wear everything together if you do it in the right way. So.. Blue&Black? Yes! Red&Organge? Sure! Pink&Green? Bring it on! And the same category: Black&Yellow: Yes please!

read and watch how I combined these colors!


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They’re Back! The accessory I can’t wait to start wearing: Suspenders!!  Read more about this suspender look


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Hi there dear readers!

Are you all ready for Christmas eve? I certainly am due to last Saturday when I went to Amsterdam for some Christmas Shopping. I’d love to show you what I was wearing during that shopping day.



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Hi there dears,

Happy happppy Monday!  eh…HAPPY MONDAY o.O’ ???? Sure! Mondays can either be the start to a struggle week or a fresh reminder that this week, you will be strong. Let’s make this new week awesome! Monday, let’s start this new week with a new look! As I promised in one of my previous posts (‘The Woman in Blue’) I would create an outfit with my denim blouse in which you don’t feel like a North Pole resident. An outfit to survive your Monday because you’ll look great in it and it will definitely keep you warm. And for those who still hate Mondays, always look on the bright side guys: At least Monday only happens once a week! (:

Read more about this outfit