The weater is getting worse! Woooh! Time to go to the beach!
Ehh…?! What?! You said…the weather is getting worse, right?… Beach??? WTF!
Yes guys! Running into the strong wind (maybe even rain) AND on sand is like the best fat attack you can get!



Hey Loves,

As promised I’m back with another sportpost! And this time it’s time for my weekly schedule (eat diary and sport diary) as promised in my previous sportpost. It’s important to mention that I’m kind of a health freak BUT I’m really NOT that kinda girl that’s only eating vegatables, fruits and other so called power foods. Yes I do eat chocolate, fries and a lot of cookies. Because hey, life should be fun too right? The trick is to enjoy life AND live healthy too…The way I do this? Read further and you’ll find out!  (more…)