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How are you guys doing?! I’m really happy since this brand new tee and blazer are in da house! Yeah baby. #neverenoughclothes.  (more…)



Goodmorning loves!

If you’re a Dutchie like me, you might have noticed the strange weather circumstances lately. Pfff, all right we had a couple of summerdays I admit… but most of the times it’s non-stop raining, too cold and the sky is too grey for the time of the year. It’s difficult to decide what to wear during those days and as you see in my outfitpost of today…I was hoping for a bit better weather hahaha. Anyway, say hello to my new Jacquard skirt from Zara!



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Is it really 7 March already ? Seriously, am I the only one who thinks this year is flying by way too fast already o.O’? Can’t believe February is already over, I’m still feeling like december 2014 hasn’t even finished… I was wearing this outfit one week ago but it already feels like AGEEES AGO! Time to adjust, Suus. Times are really flying and there are so many exciting things around the corner!  SEE MORE ABOUT THIS OUTFIT


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Olaaaa, Say hello to my new best friend! I’m so happy with this look, I think I’m gonna live in this outfit from now; Fluffy Furry Friends Foreveerrrr! haha;p Seriously, whoever said money can’t buy happiness simply didn’t know where to go shopping!! 



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Hi there dears,

Happy happppy Monday!  eh…HAPPY MONDAY o.O’ ???? Sure! Mondays can either be the start to a struggle week or a fresh reminder that this week, you will be strong. Let’s make this new week awesome! Monday, let’s start this new week with a new look! As I promised in one of my previous posts (‘The Woman in Blue’) I would create an outfit with my denim blouse in which you don’t feel like a North Pole resident. An outfit to survive your Monday because you’ll look great in it and it will definitely keep you warm. And for those who still hate Mondays, always look on the bright side guys: At least Monday only happens once a week! (:

Read more about this outfit


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Hi there,

It’s black and white time…As I told you in my previous blogpost, I’m kinda lovesick, life can be described as black now. But life never promised to be always white and wonderful. And as much as you want to plan your life, it always finds a way of surprising you with totally unexpected situations and things that will sometimes make you happier than you originally planned. And at some point you have to realize that you have to move on. You have to understand that some people are meant to stay forever in your heart but unfortunately not in your life. There’s no elevator to happiness, you have to take the stairs yourself!

Therefore, I would love to tell you about this black and white schoolgirl looking outfit.