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Hello there loves,

First of all: Happy Valentines day! Any exciting plans for today?  …For me it feels kinda arbitrary, contrived and commercial…I mean why do we have one “Valentines Day” to show feelings of love, affectiond and friendship. Why should we show this only once a year? Don’t we need it once a week, or even better, every day. There are 365 days a year to show appreciation for the people you love or adore, right? Anyways, I love the feeling of romance and love on Valentine’s day with all the hearts, the colors pink and red, flowers, a lot of chocolate and images and statues of cupids everywhere. So today’s the perfect day to bake a pretty chocolate cake! That’s my plan for today! Moreover to this look!  (more…)




Good morning loves!

…Once upon a time, there was a little girl named snowwhite… No kidding, it was me…walking in Winter Wonderland…but I felt like snowwhite with this beautiful snow covered woods around me haha. Wow snow is the ultimate beauty product from mother nature. For me, snow is one of the most beautiful products because it reminds us of our place in the natural world. We sometimes forget about the force of mother nature beacuse of all the modern technology and our pressure fitted and tight scheduled lifes. And a lot of people are stuck in their modern busy lifes so they only see snow as something terribly inconvenient that causes a shitload of disruptions like transport chaos. Those people whinge about de-icing their cars, traffic jams or train delays. BUT I see it somewhat different!  Curious about my snowthoughts?? CLICK HERE