Hi there loves,

I’ve been a little off on the blog side the last week after my citytrip to Rome and my last exams of my Bachelor. I just finished my last Exam ‘Ethics’ woehoeee (fingers crossed for the grades). I just enjoyed a delicious ice cream with my friend Timo and now I’m finally writing my second travel post (It’s about Rome yay) and I will tell you something about the outfit I’m wearing.  (more…)



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Last week you probably noticed on my Instagram that I was on a citytrip to Istanbul. That’s also the reason why this post comes a little bit later than planned. My Istanbul journey has come to an end but I’ll post another blogpost soon about my time there. But I’m really busy atm sorry guys. I’ll try to keep you updated as soon as possible.

Today’s outfit is a total blue/denim city/spring proof look that I shot a while ago in Amsterdam.  (more…)


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Olaaa! How’s your week? Mine is great so far, gonna be short on this one, since I’m at Schiphol waiting for my flight to Istanbul! Uhu uhu yaaay I’m off for a 5day trip to this beautiful city:)

So while you’re reading this I’m probably somewhere in the air or already in Turkey hihi:)



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Happy Friday everyone!

In the context of Fifty Shades of grey (the movie everyone is talking about atm), a total grey look for today! Matching my light grey low chucks with my dark grey skinny ripped jeans, my new striped shirt from Subdued and a chic blazer and my  Cluse watch,  45 more shades to go hahaha!  (more…)



Good morning loves!

…Once upon a time, there was a little girl named snowwhite… No kidding, it was me…walking in Winter Wonderland…but I felt like snowwhite with this beautiful snow covered woods around me haha. Wow snow is the ultimate beauty product from mother nature. For me, snow is one of the most beautiful products because it reminds us of our place in the natural world. We sometimes forget about the force of mother nature beacuse of all the modern technology and our pressure fitted and tight scheduled lifes. And a lot of people are stuck in their modern busy lifes so they only see snow as something terribly inconvenient that causes a shitload of disruptions like transport chaos. Those people whinge about de-icing their cars, traffic jams or train delays. BUT I see it somewhat different!  Curious about my snowthoughts?? CLICK HERE


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Hello there,

Finally weekend (YAY!!) Any special plans for the weekend? I do! Since it was my birthday in january and a dear friends birthday will be this Monday we’re going to celebrate our anniversaries today in Amsterdam! And guess what? It’s gonna be my sushi ragging !! My first time Sushi ever!! Wauw I’m so excited hihi. But moreover to this look! As you can see today’s post is about this ever returning sweater from Zara…

Curious about how I combined it this time?


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Hi there,

Today I’m showing you this skater girl look and I’ll present you the bag I won by the Invito ‘shoeselfiesundaycontest’. I’m really happy with it:) Thanks Invito!  A little while ago I went to this skating rink in Epe to shoot this sturdy look! Curious?





A little bit later than planned but I want to wish you all a HAPPY NEWYEAR! May all your wishes come true (:

As promised I’ll show you another look with my oversized Zara sweater (I’ve already showed you on this blog and my Instagram  page before)



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Hi there,

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and I hope that you all had the chance to be celebrate these lovely days with the people you love the most. I truly love Christmas, it’s the most cozy and lovely time of the year. My idea of Christmas, whether old-fashioned or modern, is very simple: loving others and have some quality time together. Come to think of it, why did I wait for Christmas to do that? If you love someone, don’t wait for Christmas to tell it. Say it or even better: show it and prove it! Cause you’ll never know tomorrow could be too late. After these cozy and cold Christmas days I’m back with a new outfit post. I’m so excited to show you these photos.



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Hi there loves,

The man we all love, Santa Clause, is literally around the corner. Before everyone sets off on their luxurious holidays or just stay home with family and loved ones to enjoy endless amounts of love, food, sweets and Christmas fun, Subdued wanted to spread the Christmas love with their customers. They organized a party in Amsterdam on the 20th of December. And of course I couldn’t let that pass by without going there as a regular customer! So yesterday in the early morning I traveled with a good friend off to Amsterdam for this joyous occasion.

Curious about what it was like?