Hey there sporties!

I had the honor to shoot some sporty pictures in the brand new sportswear collection of Amy&Ivy (from The Sting Network)! I’m really excited to show you guys the resulted pics ! Today I’ll show you just one item but no worries and stay tuned because there will be more pictures here and on my Instagram and ofcourse there will be more sporty posts soon!

Go hard or go home! That’s the slogan Amy&Ivy sportswear represents. And hey that’s pretty much my slogan too:)! And about going hard… let’s be honest. Wearing some pretty sportswear helps every woman to kick ass and to go somehwat harder on their workouts right?! We definitely feel better when we look fashionable in our sportswear.




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Helloooo dears,

First of all a happy Monday to all of you! Happy MONDAY -_- (are you serious?!) Yesssss cause I’m about to start a very exciting week 🙂 ! Monday is always a fresh start, and this week it’s time for some new adventures AND another city trip YaaaaaaaY! This Time it’s a 5 day trip to Rome! (Keep an eye on Instagram for some pictures during my trip)!

Today I want to show you my new sunglasses which I received from Polette Eyewearr..this one is already packed for my flight tomorrow cause first, I’m in love with this sunnie (hihi) and I just cannot leave him here…second, summer is around the corner -it’s 28 degrees in Rome, so it already feels like summer there- and you cannot be ready without a good pair of sunglasses! They will protect your eyes from dangerous solar radiation and they can make you look super stylish too! Hey, that’s a win-win situation, right?!



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Hi there,

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and I hope that you all had the chance to be celebrate these lovely days with the people you love the most. I truly love Christmas, it’s the most cozy and lovely time of the year. My idea of Christmas, whether old-fashioned or modern, is very simple: loving others and have some quality time together. Come to think of it, why did I wait for Christmas to do that? If you love someone, don’t wait for Christmas to tell it. Say it or even better: show it and prove it! Cause you’ll never know tomorrow could be too late. After these cozy and cold Christmas days I’m back with a new outfit post. I’m so excited to show you these photos.