Aaaand my love for stripes continues… hihi. I was wearing this playsuit from Trixlamix last weekend. Can you believe that? Like seriously?! What the …. happened to the weather since sunday ?! Ok, I’m living in the Netherlands… Get it!




Morning !

How are you guys? Any plans for today? I’m still living in another dimension since I yesterday got my final marks back ! GUESS WHAT?! I DID IT! I graduated cumlaude from my Bachelor and I got my Honours certificate too! Oh my… Can’t tell you guys how happy I am right now. Still can’t believe it…Next year it’s time for me to get my Master degree in Amsterdam. Yaaaaay I’ll be moving to freakin Amsterdam! Whoopwhoop!  How pretty damn cool is that!

Now that this post is already becoming quite personal (hope you don’t mind) I like to share another personal thing that is up on Wendy van de Soest her blog! Two days ago I was asked to answer some questions about myself and the blog for the category ‘Blogger Spotlights’. I feel honored I’m in this Blogger Spotlight! So thankyou Wendy for having me! You can read the interview (here) and I hope you enjoy the article and her blog as much as I do.

Have a happy wednesday (and remember we’re halfway there -almost weeeeekend!!-)


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