Morning sunshines!

Damn it’s wednesday already…time is literally flying these holidays. We’re already halfway through our week and so much has happened the first two days, exciting new collaborations coming up (stay tuned!), I did some interior shopping for my new room (whoopwhoop), making plans for the decor (this took me a few hours o.O’). But I can tell you guys, I’m full of inspiration and positive energy :)! What about you? And what about this elephant Pant-Skirt I bought in the streets of Bangkok?! Tell me your thoughts on this elegant ensemble! I would love to hear!



SuzanneBrummel X Twinkeltje

Heya, happy hump day!
The summery weather finally made it’s entrance to the Netherlands and with a lot more summer on its way – as we may believe from the weather forecast (it’s gonna be hot hot hot) – we are allowed to wear skirts and crop tops again… yay! Bare legs it’s time to shine!  MOREOVER TO THIS LOOK


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Happy Hump day! We’re halfway there (yaaaay almost almost almost weekend!) As you can see today’s post is very, very colorful (ahum, just kidding)… It’s black, white and grey… colors I don’t wear often hahahaha, but hey I just LOVE it and you can never go wrong. All you need is some cool accessories and you’re ready to go.  (more…)


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Hello there,

Finally weekend (YAY!!) Any special plans for the weekend? I do! Since it was my birthday in january and a dear friends birthday will be this Monday we’re going to celebrate our anniversaries today in Amsterdam! And guess what? It’s gonna be my sushi ragging !! My first time Sushi ever!! Wauw I’m so excited hihi. But moreover to this look! As you can see today’s post is about this ever returning sweater from Zara…

Curious about how I combined it this time?


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Yaaaay we’re already halfway through our week SO the weekend is coming closer and closer…!! Time to show you another fall/winter look!  Curious yet?


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Hi there,

It’s black and white time…As I told you in my previous blogpost, I’m kinda lovesick, life can be described as black now. But life never promised to be always white and wonderful. And as much as you want to plan your life, it always finds a way of surprising you with totally unexpected situations and things that will sometimes make you happier than you originally planned. And at some point you have to realize that you have to move on. You have to understand that some people are meant to stay forever in your heart but unfortunately not in your life. There’s no elevator to happiness, you have to take the stairs yourself!

Therefore, I would love to tell you about this black and white schoolgirl looking outfit.